Feeling like a Dud??

Feeling like a Dud!

   What is a Dud?

        In Oxford Dictionary  the dud is "a thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless" and  in slang it is referred to the person if "he's an utter failure or a complete flop". Probably most humans feel like a dud at some point in their lives and sometimes this feeling could be paralyzing. I will share with you some thoughts and techniques that i personally use whenever i feel like a failure.

 Know yourself and accept it: Nobody is perfect we all have strengths and weaknesses, study your personality (try checking the Myers-briggs personality test ) and sharpen your talents,try also to work on your fixable weaknesses so far that they wont affect your life and your improvement process.

 Treat yourself as if you are treating someone you love: If a friend or a loved someone came to you feeling low or beat down you probably wont criticize and you will show them the compassion they need. 

 Find a purpose in life: We all need something bigger than ourselves to live for (as a Muslim i want to go to Heaven) , a great purpose will help you wake up in the mornings and stay up late in the evenings, it will help you keep going in tough times.

 STOP comparing yourself to others: Focus on your own journey.

 Just do your best: Simply  working your hardest will make you feel proud of yourself whatever the income is but make sure to always do you best for real and not to fool yourself.

  Finally i just want to say that we are the hero in the movie who is feeling lost sitting in a dark room not being able to pay rent!, just make it a good one that people want to watch over and over again.



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