The day I decided to start blogging

 The day I decided to start blogging

        As Simon Sinek " start with why ", in one winter while sitting alone in my apartment I started thinking about a way to speak to the world other than starting a YouTube channel so two things came to my mind podcasting and blogging, podcasting is a really great especially that people always say that I have the face for it! But I decided to warm up with blogging. I feel blogging will obtain the same purpose while relatively keeping me in my safe space.

 Whenever I start a new project or activity I check the pros and cons of proceeding with it, so I will share with you what I found so far:


Pros of starting a blog:

1-It is easy: you don't need to be a computer savvy to start a blog.

2-It is relatively cost friendly: you can start a blog for free or with a minimum cost, especially if your country currency is weaker than the us dollar!

3-The feeling of being heard: the beauty of sharing your thoughts with people from all over the globe.

4-Cultivating relationships along the way: blogging can help you meet with people from different backgrounds.

5-It is a good way to share if you are a shy person: people can share their ideas without having to stand in front of a camera or speak in a podcast.

6-It can be the start of a source of income: a lot of people make money blogging whether through affiliate marketing or selling their own products (This is will be another article for another day).

7-It is a great hobby: it feels good having something fun to go back home to after a long day of working or studying.



1-It may take a recognizable chunk of your time: starting a blog is easy but maintaining and developing it can take time and effort.

       2-You may start day dreaming thinking about subjects to write          about:finding a good idea to write about can be distracting while doing other tasks.        

3-Dealing criticism can be frustrating for some people: be aware not to take insults or bad opinions of your writings personally.


    It may look that the benefits out way the costs but try always to be aware of the process and enjoy the journey and if you really know your "why" just do it.



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