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The day I decided to start blogging

 The day I decided to start blogging          As Simon Sinek " start with why ", in one winter while sitting alone in my apartment I started thinking about a way to speak to the world other than starting a YouTube channel so two things came to my mind podcasting and blogging, podcasting is a really great especially that people always say that I have the face for it! But I decided to warm up with blogging. I feel blogging will obtain the same purpose while relatively keeping me in my safe space.   Whenever I start a new project or activity I check the pros and cons of proceeding with it, so I will share with you what I found so far:   Pros of starting a blog: 1-It is easy: you don't need to be a computer savvy to start a blog. 2-It is relatively cost friendly: you can start a blog for free or with a minimum cost, especially if your country currency is weaker than the us dollar! 3-The feeling of being heard: the beauty of sharing your thoughts with people fr

Welcome to My Blog!

 I am a med student who is excited about life and experiencing new things and i will be sharing my thoughts with you. Let's start this lifelong learning journey together.