Feeling like a Dud??

Feeling like a Dud!    What is a Dud?         In Oxford Dictionary  the dud is " a thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless" and  in slang it is referred to the person if "he's an utter failure or a complete flop". Probably most humans feel like a dud at some point in their lives and sometimes this feeling could be paralyzing. I will share with you some thoughts and techniques that i personally use whenever i feel like a failure.  Know yourself and accept it: Nobody is perfect we all have strengths and weaknesses, study your personality (try checking the Myers-briggs personality test ) and sharpen your talents,try also to work on your fixable weaknesses so far that they wont affect your life and your improvement process.   Treat yourself as if you are treating someone you love: If a friend or a loved someone came to you feeling low or beat down you probably wont criticize and you will show them the compassion they need.   

The day I decided to start blogging

 The day I decided to start blogging          As Simon Sinek " start with why ", in one winter while sitting alone in my apartment I started thinking about a way to speak to the world other than starting a YouTube channel so two things came to my mind podcasting and blogging, podcasting is a really great especially that people always say that I have the face for it! But I decided to warm up with blogging. I feel blogging will obtain the same purpose while relatively keeping me in my safe space.   Whenever I start a new project or activity I check the pros and cons of proceeding with it, so I will share with you what I found so far:   Pros of starting a blog: 1-It is easy: you don't need to be a computer savvy to start a blog. 2-It is relatively cost friendly: you can start a blog for free or with a minimum cost, especially if your country currency is weaker than the us dollar! 3-The feeling of being heard: the beauty of sharing your thoughts with people fr

Welcome to My Blog!

 I am a med student who is excited about life and experiencing new things and i will be sharing my thoughts with you. Let's start this lifelong learning journey together.